Adam 12 - Episode #78 "A Safe Job" 1971
DVDs donated by Suealien character played: Sgt. Prescott


Robert plays a detective who is working with Reed and Malloy to catch a safe cracker.

Sgt. Prescott and Malloy discuss how the M.O. fits certain known safe crackers, including one that Malloy has been responsible for booking.

Prescott reminds Malloy that the chief suspect lives in their 'beat'.

Sgt. Prescott is called when Reed and Malloy get a tip that a man is suspected
 of having kidnapped a baby.  Sgt. takes charge, sending his partner around
the back and going in with Reed and Malloy to confront the kidnapper.

Reed knocks, Prescott says it's the police, they hear a 'bump' and
Prescott tells Malloy to kick the door.  They enter and catch the bad guy.

Prescott reads him his rights while Reed keeps him under guard.  The baddie is then escorted out by Prescott while Malloy carries the baby back to his mother.