Adam 12 - #98 "Sub-Station" 1972
DVD donated by Suealien character played: Lt. Tom Ashton


Robert plays Lt. Ashton, the harried commander of the LA airport sub-station that Reed and Malloy have been temporarily assigned to.  He is first seen on the phone trying get more personnel.  He shows Reed and Malloy a map with their assigned area.

He briefs the men on what kind of police work happens at the airport and tells them about the various resources and responsibilities they'll have for the week they are at the airport.

While Ashton is showing Reed and Malloy around the station, the dispatcher tells the Lt. about a woman being held hostage in the stewardess' lounge.  Ashton asks the dispatcher  who he has assigned to it, but he replies that everyone already have assignments.  Ashton hands the information over to Malloy for their first assignment.


Ashton briefs Malloy and Reed on a suitcase of marijuana that will be coming in on a particular flight.  They are to wait for the courier to pick it up and then arrest him with the goods.  Malloy says that their uniforms will stand out to which Ashton replies, that's taken care of.  And his dispatcher hands the two rent-a-car agency coveralls.  :)

The bust is successful and Reed and Malloy have developed a new
appreciation for the difficult job of being assigned to the airport sub-station.