Freddy's Nightmares - "Funhouse" 1990
character played: Victor Hall


In the second segment of this episode, Robert plays Victor Hall, a 'sickly' wheelchair bound man with an obsession with guns and a very lovely wife.  He is intrigued by the ghost stories told by the young handyman who figures prominently in the first segment.

Despite Victor's physical limitations since his accident, he and his wife enjoy role-playing various sexual adventures and Victor visits his wife in hopes of a bit of fun.  

Unfortunately, he discovers his wife in bed with the young handyman.  He pulls a gun on the guy who quickly hides back in the bed.

   Victor asks his wife if the young man 'satisfies' her and if so, she should ask him to stay as he only wants her to be happy.  He then leaves the room.

A bit later, downstairs in the library, the young handyman asks why Victor is letting him sleep with his wife.  Victor says it's because the young man can satisfy some of her needs that he cannot.  But he goes on to say that there are many ways to satisfy a woman and that the young man should know that.  All the time, Victor is polishing an antique gun.  Victor definitely has the upper hand despite his physical limitations.

Some time later, Victor sees the handyman getting frisky with the maid.  He says nothing, just rolls on past.  But he does inform his wife who confronts the young man and pulls a gun on him.  She taunts him into role-playing which gets out of hand as he ends up shooting her. 

Victor is later looking for his wife and confronts the young man who admits that he shot her.  Victor applauds which freaks out the young man and Victor reveals a secret.