Five Finger Exercise 1960 - 1961  
Broadway Road Company character played:  Walter Langer

This play was a huge hit on Broadway and won several awards.  When the show was taken on the road, Jessica Tandy, Robert Culver and Brian Bedford reprised their Broadway roles, but the other two characters were recast with Robert landing the role of Walter Langer, the German tutor. This was a very significant role as there are only FIVE actors in the entire play and the German tutor is the catalyst role of the ensemble.  It also had him acting under the direction of the legendary John Gielgud.  The tour was as successful as the Broadway and London runs with glowing reviews for the entire cast and director.

Playbills, articles and reviews are organized by city to give a feel for the scope of a Broadway show's national tour.  The cast and crew would travel from city to city via train, with the sets and lights following either by train or by truck.

Not all cities of the tour are represented....yet. ;)  

Royal Alexandra Theatre, Toronto, Ont. Blackstone Theatre, Chicago, Ill
Hanna Theatre, Cleveland, Ohio  KRNT Theatre, Des Moines, IA
Biltmore Theatre, Los Angeles, CA  Curran Theatre, San Francisco, CA

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