Most of us know Robert Dowdell as a great actor and TV personality. But in this particular part of the website, you will read about his life and how he became an actor. Robert was born in a small suburb called Park Ridge in Chicago, Illinois. He attended school within the region and graduated from the Parker High. Before beginning his professional career Robert Dowdell opted for higher education at the University of Chicago and Wesleyan University. This is where he finished his degree in engineering successfully.

After finishing his college Robert Dowdell decided to enroll himself in the United States Army Corps of Engineers. For the most part of his life, Robert Dowdell worked for the army as a dedicated Individual. However, this is not the time when he gained publicity or acknowledgment in the eye of the public. It is after his formal discharge that the then soldier turned his interest towards the field of acting. To build his skills in this field, he even took lessons with Wayne Handman. During this period he even acted in some stage shows and plays written by Leslie Stevens.

Leslie Stephens later went on to create a television series, known as Stoney Burke and had encouraged Robert Dowdell to audition for the same. From here his acting career began skyrocketing. He did recurring roles in Stoney Burke and later was casted for Voyage in the year 1964. This is also the time when Robert Dowdell married one of the most popular actors of the time Sheila Connolly in the year 1965. The couple ended up getting a divorce in the year 1979.

For the next for years, the actor was dedicated to this particular TV series, which made him extremely popular around the country. After the final season of the Voyage, Robert Dowdell continued acting in numerous theatre plays, stage shows, television series, and films. He finally retired from his acting career in the year 1995. The actor later passed away at the age of 85 in the year 2018. The cause of death was natural.